Earphone use of severe damage to your body that is 5!


1. Hearing complexity and hearing loss: 90 dB Earphone use of the words is caused by the complexity of the hearing. You can lose even hearing! Earphone just over 15 minutes using a 100 dB hearing loss can be.



II. Ear infection or inflammation: A Earphone, headphones, etc., should be used ekajanerai. But we have more than one person in a Earphone, do share with friends. It is sambhabana ear infection. Eyaraphonera one ear because the germ is carried out for another. So from now on, do not share Earphone. If you will be using before using disinfectants.

3. Ears off ventilation: eyaraphone some nice words, but her health is now. Earphone is entered until the eyarakyanela. The air can not enter the inside of the ear. As a result, infection is more likely.

4. Worldliness hearing: According to some studies, people who use Earphone they heard loud music. The ear is freed. This inertia is normal, but for a long time can lose hearing loud music sounded.



5. Brain damage: Earphone some of electrolytic create magnetic waves. Which can harm the brain. Bluetooth eyaraphonao evidence that brain damage.

Earphone will use a little volume. The amount of loss is low. Another thing, the style show on the road with traffic, keep an ear Earphone is not the time. It could happen at any time a serious accident. This should also be seen in traffic.