eating with milk and banana does your body know what benefit? If you’ll be surprised!


Milk or bananas are the benefits of eating well known. But if you are eating both at the same time, however, the benefits or profits, but also increase what you notice?

It is called milk-banana diet. In 1934, Dr. George haropa milk-made banana diet program. Let’s get to know the benefits of:

Calories: Calories are a lot of these khabaratite. Usually eat three bananas and a cup of milk phyatamukta. Banana and milk can be eaten after the first.

It will masrna your skin. It is, however, to drink plenty of water as well as a thousand calories a day will get you by.

Each banana is 100 calories. One cup of milk contains more calories than 80. I found three times daily to 900 calories. The calories you lose weight.

Skin and dental care: Diet banana-milk skin is bright and masrna. Remove acne marks. This is very effective to make teeth white. It is able to increase your beauty.

Bananas are full of nutrition: a lot of tissues vitamins A, B, C, and E are. The mineral, potassium, zinc, iron, which is very beneficial for the skin.