Education completed daughter of Imran, wearing yellow


Education Minister Nurul Islam Nahid Mancha spokesperson Imran’s daughter has been completed on the yellow. On Friday evening, December 30, informally shared their formalities are completed. Nandita mantrikanya bride Nadia Islam of Dhaka University Teachers.

Education Minister Nurul Islam nahidasaha a close relative of the bride, and was the leader of the family on the occasion of the Mancha. The Imran said, the family arranged marriage. Married to the bride’s house in Dhaka on Saturday.

Positive assistant professor of linguistics at the University of Dhaka is known as Nandita contacts. For quite a while there was talk of her marriage with Imran Khan is known to have a family.

The 33-year-old Imran Mancha spokesperson in charge of 013 in February after the face desejure discussed. And Nandita division of SSC in 1997.

Imran to Rangpur Medical College MBBS degree from BCL was involved in student life. “Youth for Peace and Democracy, an organization named or oyaipidi He was, among students of different educational institutions whose main goal was the creation of a secular consciousness and political awareness. For this purpose, ‘the blog generation formed oyaipidi.