Electric Ovens & Microwave Ovens, and the difference between the use of the


Many of us were new to the cook, microwave oven and an electric oven for writing some of the difference. Especially those who have started their new family life. Is a common question and concluded that all the purchase of any Oven, micro or electric?



Since there are many differences between the two, so many people have been kanaphiujada. So, what are the differences between the two to know this caluna Let
Dipharenta heating prinasipalasah

Microwave oven temperature to produce the micro-material molecule vibrate / vibration or with the help of micro-wave. It is made of super-high speed of the water molecule and the temperature produces a strike on one another. This is because the food is hot. The food comes out of the microwave oven is hot outside.

On the other hand, electric oven temperature to produce an electric wire / rod through which the current / power comes from. Therefore, the temperature of the food from the outside to enter and help cook food.
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Microwave oven “micro wave” of the food is heated up from the outside. The electric oven “Electric Wire” from the outside inward through the food hot / Cook is.
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Generally, a microwave oven and re-heating tool. It is a very good tool for cooking meals. Kanabhekasana options now available to buy along with the microwave oven. However, the use of the different. Since the microwave oven is too hot to eat early, so the food is a waste of both moisture and food value. Bar-B-Cue or kanabhekasana option is wasted.