Emergency warning for Facebook users in Bangladesh

Last November 18, the country’s social yogayogamadhyamagulo ordinary people can not use. Many different strategy on entering. At present, most of these media Facebook users are running a VPN or proxy others.

However, while the international community to stay off Facebook a group to become active, even in Bangladesh. Proxy server or vpn search engines when you are typing in a search through the esaiora the hacker group has kept the number of phishing sites at the top of Google searches. And above all, to see the popular search sites will not consider you a good idea as an ordinary user, you’re going to fall in a trap.

Those who are already using a VPN or proxy You see, they mostly stop when you log in, they’re going to say to Reset your password or different securities koyescina or send a code to your mobile phone. Some do not need to meet the danger of thinking that you simply dispose of them fall into the trap even in the privacy of your mummy ID. However, there are solutions.

If you already use Facebook through a proxy if you change your Facebook password immediately from any mobile device, download the Facebook Open UC Mini. Change the password and remove the browser and the corresponding securities.

The browser you’re running it on Facebook and other sites that do not open your essentials such as banks, etc. inapharamesanasaha. With a browser other than Facebook and other sites open.