Emo-WhatsApp, Viber is going to be off-again!


To get back to the business of international calls, calls to mobile phones cloud technology, voice control, the Commission is considering the decisions of other countries around the world.

The BTRC ‘VoIP and contemporary issues’ press conference in response to a question, Ahmed said, only because of international call termination rate and international calls, business VoIP is beaten Bangladesh. Otiti responsible for the loss of use of call. Otiti or call the cloud base, such as Viber, WhatsApp’d like Emo or losing business. So in the next one or two months, the Commission wants to come to a decision.

Ahsan Habib Khan BTRC vice chairman at the time, was attended by the Commissioner and the Director General.

BTRC chairman said in reply to a question, at the end of the incoming call 2014 was down 1 percent to 5 cents. The rate was up 3 cents. The increase in the number of incoming calls to cut rates in the country have come to call home over the baidhapathe.

It has been 123 million in a single day so far legally incoming call. Normally, when the rate increased two cents kararo IGW illegally increased the amount of incoming calls. And now reduced from 70 to 80 million at baidhapathe call. With the other hand, is readily available on the internet on mobile phones, such as voice calls, kararamata apps Viber, WhatsApp, using emoticons increased international voice calls.


Cloud base of the technology is gaining popularity. Direct impact on the legitimate voice. This is a big problem in front of us.