Ends to prevent itchy …


In the absence of proper care and nutrition hair loses its natural beauty. Become lifeless hair can use a variety of natural ingredients. These are broken down, pale hair is very effective. The regular use of these components will be removed to hand cracked ends.


Find out what material will be removed ends phata

Contains egg protein, which provides nutrition hair. Mix two tablespoons of coconut oil phetiye eggs. Apply the mixture hair. After a while, wash it with shampoo. Crack tip can be reduced. As well as the hair will shine.

At the tip of the hair, leave it Aloe gel. The crew will return to regular agar pomp.

New hair pack made by mixing olive oil and yogurt. Wash the hair and put the pack. Aga cracked to prevent the need to pack it.


Meyoneja and coconut oil mixture and apply to hair before bathing. It will take away the cracked ends.

Coconut oil
Warm coconut oil hair massage. Take a hot towel around the hair. After half an hour, wash it with shampoo. It is very effective for fragile hair.

At the tip of hair vitamin E capsule and apply the oil out. After a while, wash it with shampoo.

At the tip of the hair, leave it a little honey before bathing. It will mayescaraija hair naturally.