Engagement Sonaksira this year, but the pot is? If you will be surprised!


Bollywood sonaksike different quarters of the discussion stressed. It is reported that this year will recover enagejamentata the heroine. Normally Sonakshi’s personal life has always been a secret. India next month, according to a newspaper report in February, the engagement ceremony is likely to be strong. But who is the vessel?

As a long-time friend Bunty sacadebakei partner chooses to Sonakshi rumors. Although neither of them did not have any relationship with the public, but there is quite a long time, Bunty and sonaksike together various parties and events. Sushmita Sen has been dating for a long time before Bunty. Sonaksira enadarsamenta deal since taking over the management of the relationship between the two are close.

The date was a time kapurake Arjun Sonakshi was heard to say. But now that Tasha speculation that he is with Bunty and engagement will strengthen the relationship through this year. However, Ambika Chauhan Bunty was married before. Four years later, the marriage broke down.

Then Bunty involved with the heroine of Bollywood gossip spread. Sushmita Sen, Dia Mirza also had heard that he had been dating for a while. Neha Dhupia with the time locked in his name. After all ties with Bunty or the left. Reddy said to have gone on in the middle of Bunty samira again. In all, Bunty Gossip King was to say.