English Bengali year from the date of the year-to-date guide to


How many of us do not think a lot of our Bengali. So today we will learn how English is out of date from the date of Bengali.


English and Bengali minus 593 from the first year will be the year to find out. Bengali 1st April to 14th April in English all the time and most of the other phases of the English month, 13 months after the date of 16 starts.

Since English Bengali months of the date of 13-16 months Start date is 1 Remember the code below.

4 Code: 6666 55 55 435.

Here are the 1 month, 1 two codes periodically.

4 means that the English kodatite 14th month, the 15th month of 5, which means in English, that means 6 months of English, Bengali, which is the date of 16 months starting at the date of the 1st point.