Enhance the skin’s beauty lentil great use to learn more.


Using all available nearest thing you can be pretty unique. For example, you can set lentil pack lighter, delicate and beautiful skin.

If you apply rules in the face of a long-pulse pack your skin more beautiful.

There is no alternative to get rid of acne lentil. This lentil with turmeric powder, mixed with rose water, and the amount of water to create a paste. Keep it on the face and neck.

After half an hour and wash. Yellow lentil powder and mixed with water to create phesapyaka. Do not put it on the skin until dry. Rinse with cold water. Acne will go away.

You can use lentils to remove unwanted hair. This lentil powder in half. Make a paste by mixing with water or milk and apply on the skin and rub.

Remove dead skin, the skin will become bright. Amanda lentil powder that is mixed with oil to create a paste. Round and massage skin. This would reduce unwanted hair.

Yellow lentil powder, flour and mixed with yogurt to create phesapyaka. Use edakina phesapyakati week to cleanse the skin.

Flour, yellow peas and mixed Uptan create. This will increase the brightness of the skin.

Sun-burnt skin dusk fell impression. To fix this problem, pulse flour, mixed with rose water and lemon juice and mix in.

The sun burns the skin, leave it for 30 minutes. Rinse with cold water. Regular use will reduce dark spots on the skin sunburn.