Ershad Sikder have to think about ??


Nalchity Jhalokati district. Madaraghona a small village in the midst of her. A woman who was born in this village in the country’s history of brutal murderer branded assumed adulthood. Until the death of the man whose favorite hobby is dancing mad on his side. Blood phinakite desire to murder after the murder of each meeting, which traditionally have had to take a bath with milk. Its name says. Ershad Sikder.


Madaraghona village of Bande Ali Mia youngest son of a poor peasant says. His childhood experiences through the tough reality of life is cut. Bande Ali was not his land, any kind of small business and retail work, the family went. What is his age twelve, thirteen, he also fell ill and died of Bande Ali.

The mother tried to catch up the lack of family, home and began to work. The former can danapitemo busy area. As well as the school run, the mayhem with him, it’s his time workers without curi this day, when the mother has complained to his name. One witness said the incident is in the midst of a terrible.

Erasadadera home often came to visit one of the men, their neighbors. The area is quite powerful. Why was this man who came home one day and says, you know. Meet the scene, he saw his mother’s evil passions. We do not know what was going on in his head at that moment cells.



But I know it, and then came a time when countless women have been a victim of the lust of his terrible oppressive. Aurasajata his daughter did not even consumption dropped from the list. He’ll be back later in the story …