Esaemaesei hack your phone may be one; Information slodena was awesome !!


The necessity of a normal SMS. As soon as you come off the phone went. Diameter. Your mummy was stolen phone! At times, the phone is open or closed to control all tathyacuri someone else.


One will become the esaemaesei hack your phone! How do you know? Courtesy ‘smurpha as a project. American NSA’s brother-in-hand in Britain jisieicakiu such terrible technology. Edward Snowden told the media recently. The headlines worldwide because of the NSA’s spying came a few years ago. Snowden is accused in the eyes of the US government is now hiding in Russia.

Snowden said from the beginning, not the NSA alone, almost doing the same thing, and jisieicakiu Britain. Snowden has also explained in detail in the media recently. Said jisieicakiu from smurpha called a project. Which is mainly used to steal information from smartphones.

This special technology projects, sending an SMS to your phone jisieicakiu took possession of the spies. From a distance, open your phone, turn off the microphone from the phone approveth secret that everything is possible, “smurpha. If all without your knowledge.

Edward Snowden did not open his mouth very secretive about this work would not have any idea of the common people. NSA’s working at the Snowden has left a stir before the data. How many countries in the world, including the United States NSA’s nets are spread, how to explain in detail what personal information is in the fields, he said. However, in the face of global debates about the British government emteche padlock.