Euphoria fake news, Facebook is the key to prevent?


Facebook euphoria fake news. Facebook has promised to stop the violence and reports of fake Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg. Zuckerberg said in a recent post, no news is no news lie, do not judge it on Facebook. However, the company’s efforts to find a tool to free users from the hoax is being run.

Zuckerberg from Facebook for removing opposed to the fake news, this system is already in effect in some issues. In fact, where the problem?

The algorithm works with Facebook, it gets precedence popular subjects. User shared news of her friends to see News Feed posts directly to your account.

Sometimes friends ‘like’ the, sometimes the news of Facebook’s algorithm will automatically appear in the news feed. Kate Bevan is a technology writer and analyst, said the international media, is true and what is false-it can not distinguish between the Facebook algorithm.


He said the post is working to meet the standards of the pages. If you think something reasonable, and people share the post, if it’s important to be on Facebook. ‘