Everyone in the village of millionaires, to have a helicopter !!! Unknown facts about the village out ??

What village? Skyscraper, luxury car, helicopter, all Themepark jiyansu province of China huyaksi village. Living here all bank deposits in the amount of 1 million yuan (the Chinese currency) over. That is, the amount of BDT 1 crore.

Last month, the 55-year anniversary celebration in the village managed to socialism.

The strange thing is, everyone has a car and a house in the village. The problem is, no one ever goes to his village were confiscated everything.

Jiyansu natural beauty and abundant agricultural products produced in the village, the village in the province jiyanagina city administration.
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You can also visit the village. Long Wish Hotel International tourists are here for. 16 in room 826 of the Presidential and Presidential Gold Room. Gold Presidential spend one night in the room to spend 1 million yuan, of which about 13 lakh Bangladeshi Taka.

The village is only two hours distance from Shanghai, China’s trade has its own transport system. However, it is not cars, helicopters. Tamiyam the management of the airline companies. According to the company, go to 10 cities around the village, it takes less than a minute.