Exam Preparation: Primary Assistant Teacher Recruitment




The question will be Bengali, English, mathematics and general knowledge about these four. Each subject will be from 20 total 80 emasikiu question. Each question 1. Be careful, but do not change the negative marking manabantane Negative marking is introduced. Number 20 25 will be charged for an incorrect answer. 1 will be deducted as a result of the wrong answer four questions. Not so sure it would not be right to answer any questions. Circle the correct answer, but a lot of time filling the brand had inadvertently make a mistake. This error can be avoided if a little cautious.

Emasikiu will be allocated 80 minutes for questions. That question can be found in every one minute. Questions that can be answered easily, it will be the beginning of the brand. You can not lose any more time in question, in order to answer the hard questions will have to leave. Do not answer daganoi better than artificial.

However, two of the four options to determine if a wrong answer can be chosen between the two.