Facebook founder Zuckerberg lucky to have him, who is he? Learn more.


China’s Xiaomi smartphone tech giant and the world’s fourth position in terms of popularity Gazette.

Jiyaomike take the position that the person is behind the scenes, he was the company’s Vice President Hugo Bara.

He is the world’s most popular brand Xiaomi said. Asia and Europe, the power of the smartphone market.

There is, then he is planning to go somewhere else

Doing. But where? Facebook is probably the place.

Google’s Android platform to build up the people that did, one of them a former Al-Bara.

He will proceed on a virtual reality headset akulasake. The world must support virtual reality will play on social networks.

Facebook chief Mark Zuckerberg has already sent a message to everyone in the film the arrival of Al-Bara.

He has a funny picture. Facebook’s Menlo Park headquarters around the two of them turns digital avatar.


Bara said. Facebook itself is so happy. Zuckerberg sees bright future for virtual reality in their future.

Very soon it will be down to reach the hands of Al-Bara.