Facebook hackers new strategy! !


Facebook’s attempt to increase the security of a new type of fraud, the more hackers are out of the way. Recently Facebook to hack your email address and password, Facebook Messenger messages are being explored as part of the new strategy. Chabisameta includes a link to the user profile and are writing, “U Is This?” This is enough to ruin the link to a klikai.

Basically, any friends in your friendlist hackers disguise for sending this message. Clicking the link in the message being given a new tab will open. This tab will be asked for your email address and password. The technique of collecting passwords ‘phishing’ is called.

Technology experts say, the hackers sent by clicking on the link in a new tab being asked to log in again. The password will be sent to the hands of hackers.

However, the recent Facebook clone hackers fooling users into account. In addition to information on such events being explored in various ways, such as happened to the money in cash. This new kind of spam coming from a credible source, and is easily deceived by clicking on the user’s interest or curiosity success.


Experts have suggested as a way to escape from such a trap. They said that if such a link would be quick to delete the message and immediately change your password will be removed. If you use the same password on any other account, or if it has been advised to change. The account by cloning a friend Your message has been sent to track him, experts say.