Facebook identities love: thousands of miles across the US Blu-home girl yubakakera


love. This is not just a word. A technicality. Two of the mind, which demands that one. Love brings peace to the heart of the plan, as well as when it is turned scheme. It was awful. Death becomes a lot of time. However, due to the love saga of seven teens river travel. A Blu occurred.

Love the United States, far away from his parents and relatives came to the United jhinaidahera young lover. They reportedly already been married. There has been widespread interest in the issue.

It is learned that, Kaliganj upazila of Jhenidah rakhalagachi Panchananda the son of Mithun Biswas (X) falls in love with the United daughter Elizabeth. They met through Facebook. This is the love of their identity gradually takes shape.

Last January, his love for Elizabeth to Bangladesh to give practical shape. Finally, in the last few days before their marriage, according to Christianity. Now they are starting a family life, happy marriage workers.

The twenty-one-year-old US citizen Elizabeth had gone, he finished graduated. When he first told her their relationship to paribarera they did not indulge. He later joined the firm as an accountant in Washington. The money came to Bangladesh. Now they have been married. Is good. At the same time, he sought a blessing to everyone.