Facebook is making a huge amount of money – at home! Details !!


Facebook is now much larger, and who do not have a means of screenshot_44 Facebook? Despite the billions of dollars of Facebook users in the beginning of the year so far there was no way to earn from Facebook. Yes, the big byabasayiyara had been using Facebook as their marketing platform.

But now, with Facebook content makers can earn at home. Not that the very small amount of money. The amount of income that out of millions of dollars.

Since the beginning of this year, Facebook’s sponsored project was fairly banladesijama. The running costs are much banladesijamera income. And many more, even CNN, Al-Jazeera is like a giant income this way. Even if you can. No, we are not talking about Facebook’s marketing money. It’s completely different.

We talked about this in our regular video blog. We share it with everyone. Because we all want to know, and if it is to benefit the consumer, it is bad? Made across the bottom of the video. Banladesijama