Facebook refrain from being stupid ??

Has become a viral Facebook post from yesterday @ + [4], if Mark Zuckerberg’s comment comes in the name sikiurda ID (!), It is totally false.

Facebook is the law of @ [+:] + to place the ID number will always be the name of the ID numbers.
4. Here is Mark’s ID number, place of + 4 sutaram the way you wrote the above, then the name of Mark Zuckerberg asabesekhane nambara your ID if you come with your ID name.

If you @ + [100008724810886:] If the + beside my name and comment will ?
And yes, if you want to get your own ID number, click on the link at the top of the browser URL Sign in with Facebook will have a number that nambaraaidi your ID number, please try it out for yourself …
So it would be foolish to see this post, why?

Sikiurda own ID code generators to keep the place going, someone else’s ID to enter the mobile or PC.