Facebook vengeance! Hidden under the cover of friendship killer?


Social Media. And there is no friendship-relationship? Fraud or fake? Death trap? Cyber crime is on the rise, it is now the question. Friendship hidden under the hidden killer.


Facebook. Unknown face. Unknown people. Friendship journey starts from there. Sometimes the relationship gradually come to. The close relationship develops. Virtual relationships are made from a love relationship. In this virtual world, setting a trap for many of Facebook. Delusion.

The brutal murder of desire is the way to Bhopal from premaparba Facebook. Phesabukei familiarity. Marriage to love. The brutal murder. But the consequences of this tragic affair, why? The current era of social media, one of the terrible danger in front of the current generation. Noting that the foot path, is costing many lives. That said, the verdict sociologists sucismita.

Not only akankhai. Many ended akankhai phamdapata world of Facebook. Love, dream of building a house built on the face of all the different relationships came in front of sesagata kayekamasei tragic consequences.