Facebook’s 13th birthday today


Today is the 13th birthday of the popular social network Facebook. 1 percent of the 86 billion mark for the user has created a video to Facebook Friends Day.


For several days, users Facebook wall is emblazoned Friends Day video. This video was created with the user’s Facebook friends. There are special moments spent with friends have been highlighted. Facebook, like other post like this video, comment or share is going to be.

Facebook open at the upper mark when niujaphide be seen in this video. Dancing with the video images of the user’s friends were made. Other friends, and watch videos Friends Day iyorasa-click on the video can be seen on his friend.

Video editing will be no pictures of his friends were able to fix the user. The images that the user does not want to reveal to others that one can not see.


On February 4, however, in 015 Facebook Friends Day video 11th birthday ideas introduced Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg. Facebook’s own Facebook page, he shared a post on the occasion of the birthday.