Fake eggs everywhere, note 10 to recognize the symptoms of toxic eggs


Now, everyone knows about the fake or simulated egg. Many analysts dismissed the rumors, but now it is at the level of rumors. Bangladesh, for the purchase and consumption of fake egg has a lot of experience.


And literally a huge amount of fake eggs from China, India and Bangladesh, has spread around many countries, including Myanmar.

Myanmar state television and several foreigners, including Independent Morning News Agency recently reported that, in different areas of the country bordering Myanmar capital iyangunasaha traffick artificial eggs being smuggled from China. India and other neighboring countries, including traffick the eggs were flooded with fake egg. That is the view of the poultry.

In fact, since being created 004 artificial eggs. Published in the science journal from the United States, “The Internet has provided detailed information about the Journal of taksokolajite artificial eggs.

It also, however, that, no artificial egg is khadyaguna. There is no protein. But seriously harmful to the human body. These artificial or fake eggs made in China, one of the poisonous words. Calcium carbonate is a chemical element used in making artificial eggs, starch, resin, Gelatin is very harmful for the human body.


Eating eggs for a long time in this type of kidney and nervous system may be a problem. Calcium carbide lung cancer complicated disease.