Featured on World Tech 5 to 2016 events!


    New Year brings new possibilities. Performances are some accounts from the old year. World Tech technology became popular last year. Some technology has failed to fulfill expectations.

    Failed to pick just 5 event highlights:

    Note 7: The best phone on the market with branded 2016 Samsung Galaxy Note 7, a smartphone made. But they let the phone number. Samsung’s nightmare come to market within a few days to catch fire incident in note 7. After several incidents took back the phone company from the market. Tech World, this event is considered to have a big impact.

    Yahoo account hacked: 1 in 2000 had a value of Yahoo’s 50 billion US dollars. Yahoo would eventually compete with Google. But just 500 million dollars last year, Yahoo’s price rises. Yahoo also hammered the last nail in the coffin of the incident light due to the hack occurred. In 2014, it was revealed that nearly 50 million Yahoo account was hacked last year. Yahoo’s board of pity.

    Facebook fake news: Last year, Facebook was criticized severely for publishing false news. Spreading false news on the US election was that the allegations on behalf of Donald Trump. Facebook fake news has not helped the authorities to take action in the face of allegations that the authorities had said on Facebook. US President Barack Obama criticized far. Faced with this baseless news to social media, Facebook announced some plans. Its founder Mark Zuckerberg hoped Facebook would use the information to guide further strengthen verification of authenticity.

    Did not respond to the MacBook Pro: 2016 Apple said he would surprise many. In October this year, Apple had only come camakati Raw MacBook Touch. Apple’s first computer keyboard at the top was a separate add touchscreen. However, the new MacBook Pro as a response to the market has not seen bislesakedera.


    BlackBerry to move away from hardware: hardware has moved from the BlackBerry. The BlackBerry business phones announced at the end of 14 years of ups and downs. Instead of creating their own patterns of giving more emphasis on software development, the company said. Branded Android smartphone with the world’s first safe ‘diteka 50’ brings the name of the BlackBerry phones. However, all the effort the company has been in vain. BlackBerry use has decreased gradually. So the hardware, with the exception of last year, China’s TCL signed an agreement with the BlackBerry. In other words, the BlackBerry is the phone TCL.