Film 2016: Heavy losses were pallai ??


Wait wait at the entrance of the new year, and counting. Many of the old year and the accountability khero books were open. The show-biz or film actors, add-minus book discussion.


Bengali film a few years later in the year, there was a great deal of potential locations. From the point of view of several commercial mainstream film business was discussed. The critically acclaimed film bhinnadharara several pictures. This year, 55 films were released. A number of them were commercial section and bhinnadharara picture.

Pictures released this year

1. Two fairy dust. 3 If you make a mistake. 4 charcoal. 5. Under Construction. 6 was burnt up. 7. King 420. 8. sweetheart. Bhalobasaboi the 9. Hero 420 10. Krishna 11. 1 uprooted. 13. bullying. Babu 14 bullets. 15. Cox chotakaku cockatoo. Mia Bibi, 16, agreed. 17. I can not forget him. 18 restless mind. 19 does not address the heart of the mind. 0 Feature II love story. 1 large purchase. Twenty gulls. 3 traveler. 4 ice cream. The boy caught 5 balls. 6 exist. 7 knowledge love. Rudra The Story of a gangster.

8. 9 Deewana mind. 30 hunter. The King Is Here samrata 31. The Mental Rana pagala 3. Badasa Dawn 33. 34. Abandonment mirror. 35 hide. 36 destiny. Anonymous 37. 38 hooliganism. A tongue landed 39 saab time. Paus pirita 40 months. Basagiri 41. 4 shooter. Blood 43.


Ayanabaji 44. 45 do not understand what love is. 46 meets the eye. 47. A one-way street. You knew the love 49eka bhalobasapura 48yadi 50. 5 standard 51misakala war. 53 meets the eye. 56mukhosa 55bayanna seventy people to the tune of hooliganism 54lala green. [The film is released on December 30]