Finally, the age limit for recruitment of teachers


Private schools, colleges and madrasas teacher recruitment is thought to determine the maximum age. MPO policy it is proposed that the Education Ministry aims to connect sources confirmed. At present, the retirement age of teachers in educational institutions for 60 years. Because you do not want to set a maximum age for recruitment, but at the age of 59 can get one appointed.



On the other hand, government service public college, high school and primary school entry age of 30 years. Considering these issues in private educational institutions as well as the maximum age for recruitment to 35, is thinking. According to sources, the final decision will be finalizing the MPO Policy Committee meeting. Joint Secretary of the Ministry of Education (Secondary), Ruhi Rahman, a teacher of private educational institutions have been working to update and modernize the principles of MPO. Determine the maximum age for recruiting enough teachers are thinking. “Pet initiative to determine the age of recruitment experts say mixed. Former Cabinet Secretary and former Chairman of the Public Service Commission. Saadat Hussain said the recruitment of teachers in private institutions bayasasimake I do not support. However, if the government can impose the age of two cases in the sector appointments.

One. MPO age of two. The age limit for registration only. If the age limit is set, then the certificate will be between the ages of one test. After that, he was appointed professor of any age can get. If someone does not join in the age of the MPO, then he (MPO) will not. This will be recruited on a contractual basis. The institution will bear his salary. In this context, he said, in reference to the period of the registration certificate, if necessary, it can be relaxed. However, the appointment has been welcomed by bayasasimake Department of Secondary and Higher Education (mausi), a former director-general and a teacher leader. Mausira former director general and treasurer of the National University Prof Noman-ur-Rashid said the initiative is to determine the age of the teachers in private educational institutions. After passing the time because of his education and the syllabus for other purposes may not be controlling.



He said the age limit to 35 if there is no problem. However, compared with the official recruitment age is not logical.