Find out what kind of disease is likely to be born a month ??


What is the relationship with the birth of his disease? Thinking, How strange! Sure unreasonable or byaparasepara the alchemy. Not at all; This is not to judge the stars or seeing astrologer hand, the result of considerable research. Shine bright! Really so.


New York Presbyterian Hospital from 1985 until 2013 million patients in 15 medical study to analyze various data, scientists have come to this conclusion.

Let’s see, what kind of disease is likely to be born in any month.

Winter is probably the most difficult months for children. The children born in the future may suffer high blood pressure and heart issues.

Born in love! Let more love, Valentine pradahasaha child could suffer serious lung inhalation.

At the heart of the problem, but they can occur. The person suffering from irregular hartabite grow, their birth in March.

April brutal months of the poet Eliot said Ts. He told the truth. Chest pain, heart issues, born in the spring months, you can suffer.

This is probably the safest month. This month, a major cause of disease, if not likely.

The sixth month of the year to date means that you will be affected by asthma and chest pain.

July Oh! There is nothing to fear. People born in the nose may have slept with oil.

Jatakera Leo O, mane days away. There is nothing to be alarmed. However, some problems will follow you. You can be infected with eye problems. So be careful now!


Perhaps the most vulnerable of the month of September there. Neoyara feel of this month, many problems related to breathing, fever, ear infection, nausea, asthma, mental issues will be your constant companion also various minor problems. However, no major security guarantees from the deadly disease in September.

Neoyara suffer from long-term breathing and lung inflammatory born in October. In addition, sore throat, viral infections, and stomach sasasya vision to be beset by problems, or they may suffer. Depression can consume excessive bleeding and women prasabaparabartikalina.

The virus caused disease in men and women born to be threatened. The small intestine, I have no problem pregnancies. People born in November reliant on painkiller medication. Diarrhea and tonsils that their bhogate. There is a big problem; However, it’s mental. If you are hesitant to learn anything easily.

Be careful! You must take extra care of children born during the weekend. Because they have a tendency to be rash of various types.

The study sacetanata parents raising small prayasamatra. Mothers during pregnancy for healthy food, beautiful and constructive thinking will determine the future of children’s health. If you do not trust tragic or pathetic, your birth months will determine your health.