Foot odor is sweating? Shoes / sandals to wear this thing before


At the beginning of the day was out, and the day after the shoes from your feet stink out loud. Dust, sweat, and the smell was so bad on a day that was almost embarrassing situation. It’s not just you, many problems.

What to do? Check your shoes / sandals to wear some tips before. You can remove a lot of the ugly odor problem without any hassle. Check shoes and sandals, dressed circumstances two ways to remove the odor.

In cases in which shoes to wear karabena

1) First mojaparabena cleaned every day, and sometimes do not wear synthetic socks. Sutii best for you. On the other hand, wearing the same shoes two days after benefits aside, that’s great.

Ii) before wearing the shoes on his feet as well and deodorant spray. Then wear socks.
3) Tyalakama powder inside your shoes before wearing it. Powder that can withstand sweat.