For that reason, do not let the baby pictures on Facebook!

    Our children are our most important asset. Seeing the smile on their faces, we forget all the pain, suffering. The action stems strange to see the children, they will love the story of the mother of all babarai. Now the era of smartphones.

    You think offhand of a picture taken. And as soon as it is uploaded on Facebook. Bhalanabasa everyone gets there, she shall be praised. But love always gets what? Or picture this could lead to its dangers? Let us assume that, why should not the baby pictures to social media to express freely! But what else should be careful.

    Locations with photo
    Sometimes the location of the photo to share with your child’s picture will not. The profile of the person you are trying to accomplish an agenda, then he got the information.

    Some of our friends on the list of people who are available and we do not know personally. I do not even know will not hurt people. Do not take the risk.