For that reason, Mehedi Maruf came back home!

Baluchar his dream. Mehedi Maruf which was burned on the forehead! Bangladesh Premier League (BPL) This year’s edition played in Dhaka dayanamaitasera Mehedi Maruf.

Jharu from the first game, he caught the attention of the bat. He made two half-centuries in the tournament with 347 runs in 14 matches. BPL is good for the national team training camp while Mehedi Maruf was called.

He practiced with the Bangladesh national cricket team in Sydney. Mehedi Maruf go out there with the team in New Zealand. However, he returned home from New Zealand yesterday. The end of a dream debut for the national team.

He has been given the opportunity to play in the National Cricket League. The fifth round of the National Cricket League match on December 7 will play Barisal Division Dhaka. He can play the match in Dhaka Metro.