For that reason, the prison is crying out divine! You will be surprised to know ??

Divine crying in prison. Under the incessant. He could not stop crying. Police Inspector daughter for the first time since the murder of her father and mother were crying.

Qasim in jail, according to reliable sources. According to sources, today (saemabara) Prison guard in the afternoon meal for him to see her crying.

He tried not known because of the crying. Ideas for the murder of mother, father and younger brother in the crash was due to weep. Divine balatona too long talking to anyone. Just one look in the eyes of the Indomitable.

2013-16 August relieving drugs, feeding the spirit of the father and mother Swapna Rahman Rahman was killed, police inspector divine. The younger brother of Al œ given that the Paltan Police Station.

The court acquitted another friend janike Oishee friend Rony two-year jail sentence and ordered the hanging Oishee. Karantarina from the divine.