For that reason you must drink beef!


To avoid the risk of deadly disease of cancer beef short ribs, spinach and chocolate can serve as the key to most effective. Can live your life more.


The United States came up with a new study data. The Children’s Hospital Oakland Research Institute in Oakland iueepha beniapha (sieicaoarai) carried out the study. According to the study, only four milligrams a day to eat an extra zinc in the human body has a profound and positive impact. As well as the strength of the body is fighting infection and disease.

There is a lack of zinc-rich foods. Health by eating foods rich in zinc is not possible to bring positive change. The meat is lean beef short ribs are the 38.7 mg zinc. Which amounts to 10 times. The study recommends that your health will susammata as has been said.

In this study, scientists have effects on the human body zinc. They watched how zinc affects the body’s cells tear and wear.


According to the scientists, the regular amount of minerals in the human body works great. DNA cells that animates. And helps to make DNA erosion.