Forgotten why cross-border car / illegal car / do not buy stolen bikes


Many questions come to mind, what exactly will be bought bikes to cross the border? Many reasons of greed or the instigation of others had bought or stolen bikes crossing the border, and then the nightmare begins a new chapter in their lives.

Biking on the bike and want to tell you this from my short experience of cross-border bike / illegal car / bike stolen.

Cross Border

Why is this cross-border / illegal car / do not buy stolen bikes ??

1. Yes, the cross-border / stolen bikes you can buy at a lower price than the market price. 200000 worth 500,000 rupees able to buy things, but after buying the hand of the law will begin to fight lounger. Police will,


DB holds can be seen on the stolen bikes that are running the car / bike theft numbers before, robbed, have been used to murder. 300,000 to save money and save the cost of 15,00,000 they will not.