Found finally recovered from the river ‘prado’ owner

    Gazipur two days ago shitalakshya rescued from the luxury (pradora) was identified as the owner, the owner’s whereabouts, however, was not found, police said.

    On Friday night, the voice of Kapasia Police Station Mohammad aabu Bakr said on Thursday kapasia dasyunarayanapura market sanlagagna shitalakshya in Dhaka d – prado number 112029 Local people found the car. According to the police car and took them to the police station.

    He Dhaka Bangladesh Road Transport Authority keranigajnera ikuriyaya abasasthita (solely) to be registered in the name of the office of Rina Begum. He said, according to the father’s name is Rina Abdul Rauf. Address Mirpur – II II / H / 9/14 Number. The address, however, the police did not find anyone, he said. The voice