Freeze the ground is worth a 3thousand around the world!

Many reasons to cool down the water. But the wonderful thing about this method of utilizing the fridge! However, doing wonderful butterfly manasukhabhai showed. He has traveled the clay refrigerator low-income people demand abroad.

Gujarat, India manasukhabhai peronani high school boundaries. He left school when he was in the tenth grade. Kajaara knew the potter’s legacy is so cold that water kumjoya find out why he had left. Career for the sake of running a tea shop. Kajaochilo of the tile. However, these works were not satisfied. Wanted to do something new. So, cut down in the process of applying matirarephrijaretara day. Which can run without electricity.

Baspayane cold is caused by simple rules of science has done in his refrigerator. Refrigerator water filling system is completely made of clay. Baspayanerao been arranged. There is enough food cold without electricity. From the ground has been called the ‘mittikula. 3 thousand in costs. As a result, almost everyone can buy in the refrigerator. Mittikulera demand so that it is now across the country and beyond

Abroad. Mittikulake manasukhabhai able to form a separate company. The late former president APJ Abdul Kalam came to show her celebrity.

The mittikula manasukhabhaiyera now gained popularity across the country. When we are standing on Earth Day global warming, conservation of electricity, such as talking about, how to do it manually is one of the manasukabhai before. Mittikulera increase its use not only the food, the warmth of the environment that will protect you from getting a little cool, it goes without saying.