Gas cylinder, which would avoid the accident, but agrees this direction?

The main cause of accidents, defective house using LP gas cylinder. Maintenance and proper manner, using cylinders can be controlled completely by accident. Agei will be informed about the use of the cylinder.

In this regard, the Chief Inspector of Explosives paridaphatarera Shamsul Islam has some important advice. He said the country imported LPG and gas silendaragulo all standard vehicle.

For import-cylinder model, and the metallic body of the vessel would be like but it is the law. Accordingly, the clearance is to take paridaphatara explosives. After clearance of the import market is still the experiment was allowed to leave.

The local organization who also produced the silendara brought here from Japan sheet welded to the pair. As a result, each cylinder is standard. He said the accident happened usage errors. It needs more awareness.