Germany to stop the false news of Facebook’s initiative

3d illustration of a series of transparent blue signal waves radiating away from a metallic Facebook logo over a reflective blue surface

In just one week, the Germany-based Facebook platform tailored haccherobabara stopping false news, promoting their social media confirmed the decision. After the execution of the decision in Germany untrue and motivated media campaign can not be used as a tool for Facebook Platform.


Facebook is in the United States in charge of taking care of the German language was concerned about a statement last month. When they said that prices would hinder the campaign on Facebook false reports. The program begins at the moment.
However, since many of Germany’s Justice Minister heiko mashed Facebook had been warned about their decision.



Facebook is another reason behind the decision of Germany’s upcoming election. Germany, like the United States ahead of the elections, the Facebook-based dissemination of false news had been feared. However, information from the United States, Germany has always been more stringent position.
In September this year, parliamentary elections will be held in Germany.