Germany’s prime minister on Thursday …


To attend the Munich Security Conference in Germany on Thursday, Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina. Foreign Minister AH Mahmood Ali, told M.


Pararastramantranalaye said at a press conference on Wednesday. Munich, Germany on February 17 and 18 will be coming to the conference.

Munich hotel baiyaresa Hauf two-day conference on the 53rd of the current security situation and security challenges in the world of 5 billion global leaders hold their own opinions.

Triumph of a NATO conference on the future course of action as a result of adoption, the responsibility of the European Union on security, the Ukraine crisis and relations with Russia, Syria, the situation in the Korean peninsula, religion-related terrorism, information warfare, will discuss global health and climate security risks.

Munich is already confirmed to attend the conference, UN Secretary-General, the President of the European Council, EU foreign ministers, NATO Secretary-General, Poland, Ukraine and the Afghan President, the Vice President of the United States, Norway, Hungary and the Prime Minister of Iraq, China, Saudi Arabia and the foreign ministers of Turkey.



Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina will address the Munich conference on global terrorism and the country’s position. The German leader Angela marakelasaha would hold bilateral meetings with heads of state and governments.