God’s wrath will come down to three world-class married woman ??


Zubair al-Mahmud Russell: Islam, marriage is enjoined. I’ve been married to each and every Muslim. However, marriage in Islam, strict instructions have been given. There are clearly some kind of say what kind of woman to be married and married women can not be.


There are three classes of Islam forbid women to get married. If anyone disobeys Allah’s wrath will come down to their family. Like

1) is prohibited due to blood relations, this relationship is 7. (Mother, daughter, sister, niece, sister, aunt and aunt).
Ii) the prohibition to drink milk, or dudha, this relationship is 7. (Dudha mother, dudha
Daughter, dudha sister, niece dudha, dudha sister, aunt and dudha dudha aunt).

3) the prohibition of marriage: the good mother, the son and grandson of Bride or Bride (grandson-in-law), in-laws, grandmother, and her mother-in law or in-laws grandmother kanyasamuha the other party.