Gold market collapse! Now the price has come down to your fingertips!


Or off? Just do not want to roll the wheel of the car on the streets of Kolkata, West Bengal. On her wedding season. Where is the key? Empty.


This is merely the terrace. Where baubajarera familiar picture? Jump off one after another shop. Street parking available on both sides of a small slice of the moon as it means that there is going to be left on Friday without a car.

Why? Cancellation of five hundred thousand rupees and gold market crash huddle. Which was the upper-class as well as the middle class to investing in America and the first destination, the road suddenly stood up as the Himalayas, the lack of cash. So discrepancy hundred rupees.

On Thursday, a little change was expected after the opening of the bank. Yet whatever the lack of oxygen was open ATM cash jogane Friday when it will be resolved.

But there was at the end of the day it did not happen. Rather, the problem has increased the funds in cash. Cash Flow business terms. As a result, most of the past two days after walking away a fly shop owner seems prudent to keep the jump-off.


The attitudes reflected in the last week of the previous day’s Boubazar. Kolkata, which controls the state’s gold industry. And now the market is controlled by five hundred and a thousand faces badger power.