Gold price reduction once again ??


Gold prices in the international market are the lowest in the last four months.

On Thursday, the price of the precious metal has fallen to the lowest. Months ahead of the Federal Reserve (Fed) may raise interest rates. There is a downward trend since the disclosure of product information.

The New York Mercantile Exchange (nimeksa) komeksa division agreement on the supply of 1 percent in December, the price of gold fell. The dalarecalati 253 per ounce of gold sold for one thousand years since the June gold closed lower minimum damae Commerce Bank thinks could boost demand for the product. According to the company, due to Durga Puja in India, there are now more than any time in the demand for gold.

Earlier this week, due to national holidays in China focus on the consumer is buying the product. For this reason, the world’s biggest buyers of gold consumption increased dikebisbabajare China and India. The gold market largely depends on the two countries as well as the decrease in the price of gold in the international market ruparao thakebrhaspatibara. The agreement on the supply of two per cent in December, the price of silver per ounce sold decreased 17 percent to $ 34.

Platinum and palladium prices fell in January, the same day the agreement on the supply of .1 percent to 30 percent 1 percent lower at 966 dollars per ounce platinum hayecheanyadike 1 percent to 4 percent decline in sales of palladium was 666 per ounce gold price in the market to minimize any signs point 15 dalaretabe Bangladesh no.