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Bhalakyala airfield
Bhalakyala bimanaghamtiti will look for the Netherlands or are not available on Google Maps. Various published secret US documents alleged WikiLeaks uproar thrown into the bubbling, the airfield during the Cold War, the United States has two hidden nuclear bombs.
Los Dolores
Spain los Dolores de Cartagena hyalipoyerato Google Maps can not find the name of the place you wanted. I do not know too much information about this place to anyone. Google’s Street View will look for is not available in the US.

Los Dolores, Spain, and the like have not found a place on Google Maps. It is believed that the 875 anniversary of the modern aircraft from the US Air Force controls. The flight from the land rojeja hayaspenera sent several messages of warning are not available on Google Maps. Photo: Business Insider
National Security Bureau
China’s National Security Bureau headquarters daptaratio Google Maps Even if you can not get out. The place is located in Taiwan, China and several intelligence agencies have offices.
NATO airfield
NATO has an airfield in Germany. The name of the place is not blocked binye giyelenakircena Microsoft. However, the pixels that are shown on Google Maps at the place.

Hadasapetha County
A portion of Texas, whose name the United States and Mexico border area hadasapetha County. Ciudad Juarez, Mexico, about 15 kilometers from the border area on Google Maps has been distorted.

Even if you can not see the whole of Israel on Google Maps. It would seem some of the zoom, but it’s not.