GP installment can be found in the smartphone!


The mobile operator Vodafone to take advantage of installment buying different brands of smartphones and digital offers E-commerce Website “GP Shop has launched. On Tuesday, at a press conference at a hotel in Gulshan-e-commerce website, the company announced the introduction.


GP chief marketing officer, said at a press conference Yasser asthma, but the customer’s lack of confidence in the huge potential of e-commerce sector is not fully developed. Handed over to the customer with the right product at the fastest e-commerce GP initiative to create confidence of the people. GP also spoke on the occasion Mirza Salman Hussain Beg, Head of e-commerce.

Customers from the GP Shop iPhone, Samsung, simphanisaha nine different smartphone brands can buy. Chinese smartphone brand Xiaomi smartphone can be bought from the official e-commerce sites in the country. Smartphone price Visa, MasterCard, American Express, DBBL Nexus can be paid by credit card and as a debit. At the same time develop, siorakyasa, maikyasera muthophonabhittika bank accounts, such as the price of smartphones will be. Each smartphone sales service, with a one-year guarantees (warranties), special price includes access to the data.


Purchased from the e-commerce site will take time to reach the customer’s smartphone to a maximum of three days. Orders or orders to ensure delivery within the city will be charged Rs 80 and Rs 160 outside the capital. The city will amount to 160 days if you want to get a smartphone. On the occasion of Eid-ul-Azha launched until next year, however, free of any delivery charges that the program was not to be. GP Express centers across the country 500 thousand orders to the customer’s own product you can collect.