GP launches new service


Shariful Islam: customer service, has recently started to increase as part of the GP GP GP Apps brings online shops and markets. Online customer service in different parts of the country reached the platform they are. Rajshahi on Thursday morning meeting with the media in a luxury hotel in the introduction of new services, Grameenphone officials said.



Athar said the meeting somayela GP official digital channels, in different parts of the country, their main goal being to reach customer service at all. He said at the time, June was quite popular in the market has already been launched online shops.


Meanwhile, Deputy Director of Communications Minister Syed Talat Kamal eksatrananala GP, GP to bring young people into the digital revolution has introduced a new online service at all.

GP online shop shopping at Rs 160 external customers, the customers get the product to 150 rupees, 80 rupees extra to be paid the next day. Money can be paid debit card, credit card, mobile banking, including through the development. The product can be purchased in installments from here, officials said.



GP Apps also has brought a variety of market information. Where to phlejiloda, including the net balance will be bought, he said.