Grameenphone is seeking to avoid a fine of 30 million !!

Unauthorized service, ‘Go broadband’ for the introduction of mobile phone operator Grameenphone telecom regulator has fined 30 million. In addition, the two organizations collaborating in this work and fire sistemasake ADN Telecom was fined Rs 5 lakh respectively. Though the date of payment of the fine,
the Commission is bound to avoid penalties is seeking legal GP. However, the other two institutions with a fine averted liability. According to relevant sources of information.

Asked about the GP’s External Communication Division of the payment of the fine, Syed Talat Kamal Bengali Tribune said, we have received a letter from BTRC. We will look into the legal issues. Now, our next step is to determine the legality of the decision.

He also said, we want to say once again that the ‘Go broadband service with permission from the authorities concerned before the introduction of the legal framework of partnership was launched.

Meanwhile, two other partner organizations ADN Telecom and Fire Systems fine money (Rs 5 million) to be paid According to the sources.