Guns iPhone coming on the market is concerned, the European police!


Karasajite technology is coming to the market soon, iPhone-style gun. As soon as the button is pressed, the phone looks like a gun is a deadly weapon that habeara serious concern to the police now.


US weapons’ Ideal kanasila the iPhone’s built-gun American market is going to come next week. 1 thousand guns were already booked in advance, the company said.

Concerned about the phone-gun UK, European countries like France and Germany. Terrorists could use this gun that can be easily concealed thinks European police.

About 330 pounds of the cost of the gun will be sold only in the United States. Owing to the traffickers wear it spread throughout Europe expressed concern that the Belgian police.

Widespread use of smartphones, these guns will not focus on anyone easily. The subidhatai militants could utilize. The militant group Islamic State has been bloody hanaya Europe. The increase was more afraid of the phone-gun.