Hair care gourd!


Many did so because of the fried rice with nutritious food choices. But maybe it is publicly known that the hair does not Ucchya pair. To remove dandruff, hair fall down, thick black hair as well as get rid of the problem Ucchya comparison ends there is no rupture. Hair care Ucchya know some of the methods used.

Many of neglect or lack of nutrients in the hair becomes a little reddish. Thick black hair that did not use to.
-6 Tablespoons of pure coconut oil, which is required, 1 small bitter gourd
Methods: First, heat the oven to warm small coconut oil and coconut oil ninaebara done with small pieces dinaalpa acei karalatake fry until dark brown color bhajucula karalaguloke fried chips down on warm coconut oil out ninatelata take 5 minutes to 45 minutes massage the scalp hair with a mild shampoo wash. Use twice a week.

To prevent bursting ends: Many chip Ucchya bitter gourd juice to reduce threw connotation. This is to prevent the burst ends Ucchya rasati can use easily. Keep in mind, mix the juice Ucchya 45 minutes. Then wash the hair with cold water. Crack tip resistance and smooth hair, use twice a week.

Skyalpa pimples and reduce hair fall and hair loss and hair fall problem, who suffers skyalpa pimples, they can use hair Ucchya juice. Skyalpa pimples and reduce hair fall and did you learn to use the methods and materials.


12 Ucchya cup juice, 1 / two cups of yogurt, two tablespoons of lemon juice
Method: Ucchya juice, yogurt and lemon juice to the tip of the hair and put the hair from the crown of ninamathara 5 minutes .

45 minutes after the massage with cold water and wash the hair. If necessary, use a mild shampoo twice parenasaptahe use this pack.