Half the students who will not hire drastic measures: road transport minister??


Rakari biaratisisaha other bus transportation will be taken from students who will not hire half of the Roads and Transport minister said. The city’s bus depot managers at a meeting with reporters in response to questions, he said.

Half of the students are not renting minister told reporters in response to a question, the public transportation bus biaratisisaha other half will rent from students. If you do not complain immediately. Measures will be taken. But where to complain about it would be clear that the minister did not say anything.

Sarakamantri buses Asked about Iqbal Mizanur Rahman, 16 buses plying routes in 13 theaters. In addition, all BRTC bus seats are reserved for women. In response to the minister, these buses are the only books or herd there. That is, just like the bus is plying.

During the meeting, he said the depot managers, several bus routes are charging extra fares. These should be stopped immediately. If you do not have to take drastic measures.