Happiness is the way you learn to use the app, see the details.


Depression, anxiety shook off the smartphone app that can help you become alive. A recent study on the subject has come up.

Researchers at Northwestern University in the United States have studied the issue. “Medical Internet Research gabesanasankranta journal articles have been published.

The researchers’ intelikeyara called mini-applications that use the 13 speed tests. It can be seen, 50 percent of patients with depression, anxiety passed. They were happy.

Psychotherapy in this case as well as the smartphone app to use them four times a day.

The ayapagulote capamuktira various exercises, and light-hearted criticism of his own counsel, to make life meaningful way, look for aspects of his own strength, etc. There are ways to sleep better at night.

Northwestern University School of Medicine researcher David Mohr pheinabarga the apps that have been designed so that it goes with the man’s life and can be used like other apps.

According to the study, despite many apps are using for their well-being. 105 people took part in the study. Source: