Harmful cosmic rays approaching? Mobile advised to keep off!


Over the past few days has become a viral news. And the harmful cosmic rays coming out to the world. Tonight the night of the 1230 minutes 3.30 minutes, turn off the mobile phone! Over the past few days are going to hear the news!

In fact, the story is true or rumor?

“Wednesday night, damaging the approaching high tejaskriyatasampanna called cosmic rays or cosmic rays. So get rid of the harmful rays of the night hatela from 1230 minutes to 3.30 minutes, turn off your mobile phone or keep away from the body. “

The news has caused a massive storm on social media. Many news is dismissed as mere rumors. Anyone else claiming that the rumors are not news, really.

But a khabarata came from where? This news what’s the truth? However, so far no exact data could not be found. Although it is being said or reported that “NASA has been in the form of press releases. The report has been published, or ‘BBC’, ‘Reuters’ and ‘CNN’. However, NASA is no truth to the news media at the side of the wave can not be found so far is that the media reports.

The question that has occurred, then who is spreading such news? Is there any reason behind? Once it was said before approaching cosmic rays harmful? Mobile advised to stop. Then the news spread, a Web site NEWSWATCH33.COM.